What is Link List and Advantages and disadvantages

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Published On : 2022-01-11
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What is Link List ?

Link List is a Data Structure used to store different type of value in its . It Contains one node which points to other like wise link list its increases . First Node is called as head Node and its tail point to other node . It is basically used to give C functionality of custom array .

What is Node ?

Node is One element of Link List which contains data and a pointer to another element . Data can be a group of custom data . Like our famous student Details system we can create node for one student as

typedef struct student{
int rollnumber;
int Telephone;
int standard;
struct student* next;



Custom Data Structure

It gives you power to create custom Data Structure for complex data . Will In above example we can see that a node can contain data character array , integer all in one place . You can bundle all similar data in one package


Insertion And Deletion

Insertion and Deletion is Very Easy and effective .


Dynamic Size

You can insert as many node as you like dynamically there is no limitation . which really helps you when you have huge data . As contrast in C every Data Types has a limit .It can used to make solution for huge data system




Maintenance is Difficult

Making and maintaining is Difficult . you have to take care many parameters for change it



Elements or nodes traversal is difficult in linked list. We can not randomly access any element as we do in array by index. For example if we want to access a node at position n then we have to traverse all the nodes before it. So, time required to access a node is large.




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