Task which we will be Performing for simple program of Students Details system by using C, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, ANGULARJS ,JAVA, NODEJS ,ANDROID

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Published On : 2022-03-16
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Let Says We want to Develop Program for entering student details with its roll number, name , Address , Telephone , Standard .

We will Perform four operation on it.


  1. Save
  2. Update
  3. Search
  4. Delete

We will solving this problem in following technologies


  1. Windows form + MSSQL database ( Windows application C#)
  2. C# + SQL database (.net Application , Web Application )
  3. C# + SQL database (.net Application, Web Application ) With MVC 
  4. PHP + MYSQL (Web Application)
  5. Android + SQLite (mobile Application)
  6. Android + WebApi (PHP) (Mobile App) (coming soon)
  7. angularJS + webApi (PHP)
  8. Angular 5 + WebApi (PHP) (coming soon)
  9. angular 5 + WebApi (NodeJS) (coming soon)
  10. Boostrap + WebApi (C#) (coming soon)
  11. ReactJS + WebApi (PHP) (coming soon)
  12. Dart + WebApi (PHP) (coming soon)


Which Ever you are interested you can click and open application for viewing . For writing in other technologies kindly email me at

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