Mobile applications in sports – how successful are they really?

Mobile applications in sports – how successful are they really?

Mobile applications in sports – what is their purpose?
Sports mobile applications are today very popular. They allow us to stay in touch with sports news and events, to watch videos, to show everyone that we are a fan of a team or one sport. The use of mobile devices in the Internet is very often used by sportsmans, fans, commentators or trainers.
Application for sportsmen allows, for example, to monitor health, to predict weather, to choose the appropriate program of warm-up before training, to record the number of calories burned, to count steps. Thanks to mobile apps you can count distance, time, speed and height of jumps or average speed.
App for sports fans offers them a variety of opportunities: they can set the schedule of their favorite team, let the app send notifications about results, news about the team or player, they can create graphics or video about the game, set an alarm about the match.
Applications for coaches can help them to plan the training, to find a place for training, provide players with information about the course of illness, they can advise the program of preparation for competitions. They also help to motivate players, they can send messages to the players or to the whole group, give advice and instructions, keep track of the level of motivation of athletes, their mood, adjust their training progress, watch performances.
Mobile apps for commentators or journalists offer them more opportunities to stay up to date with news, to prepare and record interviews, but also to capture the atmosphere of the game with the help of their smartphones.
Creating applications for sport is very useful, they give priceless information for sportsmen, fans and coaches. Mobile app for sports fans, coaches and golesmen can have various functions. In this list you can find many examples of sports applications.
Sports fans, commentators, trainers or journalists, they all need to stay in trend and watch the performance of teams and sportsmen. Thanks to mobile apps, they will never miss any matches, they will stay up to date with the latest news, they will be able to get the ticket.

How successful are mobile applications in sports industry statistically?

As technology is progressing, mobile applications have changed the way businesses are run.
Especially, mobile applications have made it easy for Sports industry as well.
Mobile applications have made it easy for sports industry to communicate with their customers.
The top sports mobile application providers are ESPN, NFL, Football, NBA, Yahoo Sports, MLB, GolfNow, NFL Mobile, NBC Sports, and Sports Illustrated.
The top 10 sports app providers have more than 20 million downloads.
The most successful application is ESPN which has more than 5 million downloads.
According to the survey
1. 15% of the sports fans use mobile apps to follow sports news.
2. an average sports fan has 6 sports apps on his phone.
3. 60% of the sports fans have stopped watching sports on TV.
4. 40% of the people watch sports news on their phone.
5. The percentage of people who use mobile applications to watch sports is 30%.
6. 2% of the fans watch sports news on their phones.

Can mobile applications in sports become future stadiums?
It is no longer far-fetched to imagine mobile applications becoming future stadiums.In fact, this has already happened in many areas.The popularization of smartphones has had a profound impact on our lives.

During the epidemic, we have been relying on mobile applications to study and work.Many of the work that was previously completed on the computer is now completed on the mobile app.It is foreseeable that in the future, various activities that can be carried out on mobile apps will become the main channels for people to participate.

We can see that in sports, the mobile app has been widely used.
For example, the NBA has started to use mobile applications to complete the game, and the audience watches the game on their mobile app.In addition, the NBA has also introduced many interactive games for the audience, which can make the audience feel like they are the players, which can arouse the audience's enthusiasm for watching the game.

This has greatly increased the audience's enthusiasm for watching the game, and has also promoted the development of the NBA.

In the future, with the development of technology, more and more sports events will be held on mobile applications, and more and more audiences will choose to use mobile applications to watch the game.
In this way, the mobile app will replace the traditional stadium.

Another example is IPL tournament in india .

Audience are not allowed in ipl during pandemic . The decision of not allowing the audience in the stadium was taken by the BCCI in order to maintain the social distancing and also to avoid the risk of covid 19. Although the audience won't be able to see their favourite team playing live but they can enjoy the match by watching it on TV and can be the part of IPL through social media and through mobile apps. So technology as already started converting mobile apps into stadium


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