How to install Microsoft SQL Express Edition Server On your local Machine

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Published On : 2022-03-14
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SQL (Structured Query Language) is Language used to maintain and Save data Efficiently. It Relational Data Management system mainly developed on SETS concept in mathematics . Microsoft SQL Server is a SQL Server of Microsoft company . It is highly Efficient and Secure Server by Microsoft .

It has different Edition of product for use

Express Edition

it is Students and small developer with no charges (Limitation only 10 GB of data you will be able to store . Many features are not there)

Enterprise Edition

It is Paid version by microsoft. SQL Server Enterprise Edition includes both the core database engine and add-on services, with a range of tools for creating and managing a SQL Server cluster. It can manage databases as large as 524 petabytes and address 12 TB of memory and supports 640 logical processors (CPU cores).

It has many different versions also to know more about it you can visit It is here


  1. MSSQL Server by microsoft
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio ( For Managing different SQL Server of it )

Steps to setup Microsoft Structured Query Language (MSSQL) Express Edition

  1. Download MS SQL Server Express Edition from here . we will downloading and installing MSSQL 2008 r2 Express Edition.
  2. Just run Downloaded file and install it
  3. Now download microsoft sql server management studio from here. We are usign MSSQL management studio 2008 for learning purpose
  4. Download Version According to your machine.
  5. Install itF

Following Video Demonstrate Screens after download and install Process of MSSQL Server Express Edition


Install and Download SQL server Management Studio

  1. Following Video Demonstrate to do it .
  2. To Connect to your SQL Express edition instances you need to type ./SQLExpress in server name and make sure you have given authentication as Windows Authentications . Then Click Connect

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