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In this Blog we will learning discussing free online accounting software available in the market for small and medium size companies . Free Online Accounting software available is online accounting software which contains 6 modules For different size of companies . And Good thing is first module which contains all basic and important features of accounting for free . It is Designed in such a way that any type of business can use it such as it can be used by retailer , Wholesaler , Manufacturer and Service Provider to maintain there accounts on online ( cloud ) software . It can be used in any country with any tax structure . You can define your own TAX Structure . It is in 10 Languages . You Can Maintain Payroll , Income And Expense Report Easily . It contain multi user module through which you can create new credentials for your worker with limited access rights so that they make financial entries . IT contain Multiple Store Module also in which you can maintain multiple store . It is designed in such a way that small businesses and small shop owner can maintain there accounts with out having knowledge of accounting .It uses Form filling solution for transactions So that any person with any background can easily maintain there account. you can generate reports based on different stores you can view its present financial status by looking at it income and expenses report and inventory rotation report .


Precise total cloud accounting contains 6 modules . which can be added and removed based on the users own requirements . And most good thing about it is first module contains almost all features of accounting and reporting for small businesses which make it free for small businesses . Even they contain offers through which you can add free modules to your bucket . We will now see all six module and offers through which you can add free modules to your bucket


First Module (Base Module) :

First Module Contain sub Modules as Purchase Department module, Sales Department Module ,Inventory Module , Simple Payroll System , Journal Entry Module , Invoice Format Module , Tax Defining Module , And more than 65 Reports . which will help you to take steps to improve your business performance . It Contains all basic features of accounting for small scale companies and shop .

  1. Purchase Module : It contains all Transaction related to Purchase , purchase return of a stock and its payment entries . With reports such as on which dated how much you have purchase from which supplier . which Inventory is highly purchased by you . which stock rates has increased over time .
  2. Sales Module : All Transaction related to sales , sales return and it receipt of payment comes in this section . It contains report which gives you detail information of your sales . that which product is moving fast in the business and which product is stuck in the store . It helps you to take decision what to buy for future so that it will satisfied your customer . And eventually increase your profit . Sales Module Gives you detail information of your customer balance and payment history if deals in Credit .
  3. Inventory Module : In Inventory module you can create new Inventory Definition . With Inventory Definition you can also create its categorization . All Inventory Based Report you can view here that what is the rotation of your stock . Details of stock present . how much is going to exhaust which you need to refill .
  4. Journal Entry Module : All Journal Related entries can be done here . Transactions Related to bank . Assets Purchase . Debtor , Creditor related entries can be come here .
  5. Invoice Format Module : This module facilitate you to format you report according to you . Right now you can format your invoice as you like . It contains Drag drop system to move objects in the screen . You can beautify your invoice based on your own requirement , comfort and standard of your business.
  6. Tax Module : You can Define your own tax structure based on your country and its standard .
  7. Report : More than 65 reports is generated which facilitates you to take decision for business to increase your productivity of your business and profit.

Second Module :

Second Module Contains all features of first module plus new features which will be helpful for medium scale business . It enable features such as Purchase Order , purchase request , Landed Cost , Receipt return , Receipt note return , Sale Quotation , Delivery Note , Delivery Note Return , Sales order . and Reports Based on it .


Third Module :

Third Module contains features such as multi currency all features related to it . It is mainly useful for businesses which deals with foreign currency and it conversion . And Businesses which

Fourth Module :

It Contains Multi-user Module which facilitates you to create new user with limited rights of access . So that user can accesses contain based on there rights .

Fifth Module :

It contains module in which you can create , Maintain new stores and location with ease . Transaction based for transfer of inventory and Report related to it is added as this module is added to your bucket . You can view all sales and profit reports of all stores in one report . It gives you information that which stores generate more profit and stores has how much sales .


Sixth Module :

This Module is mainly for manufacture business accounting . It is mainly made for small manufacturer so that they can easily track the availability of raw material . They can see cost of manufacture of stock , Cost of manufacture of batch ,It gives report based on Raw Material usage. They can calculate the service cost . They can calculate Laborer cost . and many more things

Accounting is a back bone for any business . If didn't handle accounts properly in business your business growth will be stagnated . Usage of software to maintain accounts gives accurate result in less time with less error in calculating it . Which eventually empowers you to take decision based on your software result to increase your productivity and profits of your business . You can explore preciserp website here . You can sign up here . gives you first module free of cost . Which makes it free for small businesses . It also has offer to add more module to your bucket by using your share button and make others to signup . which enables your different modules for free .


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