Python is a programming language written by Guido Van Rossum for making programming easy and efficient. It was learn and easy to maintain. It is adopted by scientific community because of it ease of use. In the beginning python was not object oriented language but as its popularity grows it is converted into objects oriented language.

For learning deep learning we need to learn python as all of the deep learning framework are written in python, and python has a huge eco system. It contains huge libraries to support you in deep learning. Libraries such as numpy, pandas etc are the backbone of deep learning and secondly installation of libraries are also too easy with pip manager. Python is easy to learn for both new comers and already to the people who know programming. For new comers he don't have to learn messy symbols alignment and for ready mode programmers he just need to understand use of indentation (use of space in right places)

Python has achieved its popularity that much that all big companies uses python for its research and production of application. Google, Apple, Microsoft all of this big IT giants uses python in some or other way. Python has a huge community to help you out if you stuck in some problem. We learn python because all deep learning framework are written in python such as Tensorflow, Pytarch, CNTK, Mxnet and many more to come.

We will discuss all basic required function and concept needed for deep learning in Python.


It is a placeholder of certain amount or numerical or string value in program. In other language variable is typed input means it has some datatypes but in python. It is just a variable python compiler will take care of datatype by seeing its value. We directly assign variable in pyhton

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