What is Web Application Development and how software development company can help

What is Web Application?

A web application is a software program that runs on a web browser. It can be viewed on a computer, tablet, smartphone or a television. The word web originates from the World Wide Web, which is a set of hypertext documents and computer programs that can be accessed via the Internet. Web applications are used for a variety of purposes, including email, finance, business, education, communication, and many more.

Web applications can be developed with a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, and others. They can be designed to run locally on a computer, or they can be hosted on a web server.

The ability to update and maintain Web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers is a key reason for their popularity.Web applications are popular due to the ubiquity of Web browsers, and the convenience of using a browser as a client, sometimes called a thin client.

Web applications are of the following types:

Client-side scripting : The majority of Web applications use client-side scripting. The most common languages are JavaScript and VBScript. Client-side scripting means that the script is executed on the client's computer when the page loads.

Server-side scripting : Server-side scripting is used when the user input is required to be stored in a database or when the user input requires validation. Server-side scripting is executed on the server and the result is sent to the client.

Static Pages : Static pages are those that do not change. They are written using HTML only and are sent to the client exactly as stored. Static pages are suitable for displaying information that does not change very often and is the same for every user.

Dynamic Pages : Dynamic pages are those that change each time they are accessed. Dynamic pages are written using a combination of HTML, client and server-side scripting, and database queries.

How software development company helps you in Web Application Development ?

The software development company can provide the services to design the web applications. We have the expertise in designing the web applications that are user-friendly, scalable, and highly secure.

The software development company can develop the web applications for the following:

- Corporate Web Portals

The corporate web portal is a place where the employees, business partners, and customers can access the data. The corporate web portal allows the employees to collaborate, access the data and tools. The corporate web portal is an important part of the business and it should be secured.

- E-Commerce Websites

The e-commerce websites are designed for online transactions. The e-commerce websites are very important for the business. We can design the e-commerce websites that are user-friendly, scalable and highly secure. The e-commerce websites should be designed in such a way that the customers can easily navigate through the website and make the purchase. The e-commerce websites should be highly secure.

- Social Networks Web Apps

The social networks help the users to connect with other people, share the information and stay in touch with family and friends. We can develop the social networks and integrate them with the existing systems.

- Online Learning Management Systems

The online learning management system allows the users to access the data. The users can access the learning material on the online systems. We can develop such powerful online learning management systems and integrate them with the existing systems.

- Online Content Management

Online Content management is the management of the content. It gives the user control over the content and allows the users to control the data. The users can read and edit the content directly. Content management allows the users to organize the data. User can add , edit and maintain data through CMS

The software development company can help your business customize and integrate the web applications.

Why choose Saify Technologies?

Saify Technologies is a prominent software development company. We have expertise in designing the web applications. We have a team of efficient developers. We have the capabilities to customize the web applications and integrate it with the existing systems.

We can deliver the project on time. We can customize the web applications as per the client's requirements.

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