Deep learning is a technique to develop complex application which is not possible through normal programming but it is possible with data science development. You can create application using data which you have or you have collect with less line of code with maximum result. We will see list all wonderful applications which can be created or already developed through deep learning ( AI ).

From deep learning ( AI ) you can make applications of any field. We will list some of the major field's and discuss its impact on the field.


As the name suggest this field belong to computer vision (Images). This field of computer science deals with images and its segmentation. Deep learning has shown state of art result in classification, objects detection, regeneration of image. 


Deep learning module will able to correctly predict the name of the animal or person in image. Let say you have 120 species of dog and cat images and you want to find out which image is which species. You need to just show that image to deep learning module will automatically classify for you that which image is of which species dog and cat.

Deep learning is also used to detect object in scene with bounding boxes. Deep learning module will detect for you all object present in a image by drawing box around it and with its name written down of it. let say you have image of dog cat and sofa in single image. deep learning module will detect object and shows at which position that object with boxes around it. In this case it will detect dog, cat and sofa and draw box around it.

Deep learning module is highly used in medical facilities. This object detection technique is used to detect early stage cancer in patient. Early stage cancer is hard to detect as it is not that visible by human eye. But deep learning module is able to detect cancer molecule from image in its early stages. 

Like wise deep learning module is used to detect disease in plant also. Tanzania google team has developed deep learning module to detect disease in some plant by just showing leaf to mobile camera, from camera deep learning (AI) application will detect is leaf in infected or not? If it is infected then that leaf is taken out of plant so that it want spread to other leaf and infect full plant.


Deep learning module is also used to convert old black and white photos to its colored version. If you have some old photos of your grand mother or father and you want to see them in colored. You just have to pass that black and white photo to deep learning (Al) application which convert your photo to colored one. Google photos has developed deep learning module for this. 


You can generate new image from deep learning (AI) application. Let say you like some artist and you want your image to be of that flavour deep learning module which generate your image of the artist flavour. You like Leonardo da Vinci painting and you want your painting to be done by him. Deep learning module will do this task for you.

You can also use deep learning (AI) application to replace one image with other image with accuracy and officiently if you want to replace your brother face from photo with your face. You need to show your face and your brother face to deep learning module, it will replace face in the photo.


In this tutorial we have explore computer and deep learning application in detail. How deep learning module can help you in achieving maximum result you want in computer version.If you have any query or feedback or need any help regarding boiler code of any topic , you can freely ask in comments. I would really love to help you.

Taher Ali Badnawarwala

Taher Ali, drives to create something special, He loves swimming ,family and AI from depth of his heart . He loves to write and make videos about AI and its usage

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