Amazon vs. Your Own E-Commerce Store: Which One is Right for You?

Amazon vs. Your Own E-Commerce Store: Which One is Right for You?

While there is no denying that Amazon is a great platform for online shopping, many people are still looking for alternatives. Do you have an online store that you use for your own business? If you don’t, it’s time you started one. Not only will you get to have the satisfaction of being in control of your own store, but you will also have access to a vast market of customers.

With all of this in mind, there is a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to use Amazon for your business. Are you sure that you should? Before you make any decisions, you need to make sure you are going to be successful in this new venture.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before you decide to use Amazon or create your own e-commerce store.

1. The Amazon Advantage .

The most obvious reason to use Amazon is that it is a well-known, reputable, and trusted company. Amazon has been around for many years and has a huge base of customers. In addition, it has many advantages to offer. Here are a few:

* Customer base

You may be surprised to find out that Amazon has a massive customer base. It has more than 100 million active customers and more than 100 million registered sellers.

* Payments

In addition to having a large customer base, Amazon also has an excellent payment system. It has many options for you to use, including credit cards, bank accounts, and PayPal.

* Shopping cart

If you are an e-commerce expert, you may be familiar with the Amazon shopping cart system. This is a very convenient way to sell your products. It is easy to use, and it is very secure.

* Inventory

If you are worried about having enough inventory to sell your products, Amazon can help. They have a warehouse system that can hold a lot of inventory.

* Branding

Amazon also offers a wide range of services to help you with your branding. You can easily change your logo, use a unique theme, and create your own Amazon store.

* Business

Amazon is a great place to start your business. You can do a lot of business with a single store, and you do not need to worry about building a large customer base.

2. Why amazon is not for everyone ?

While it is easy to use, Amazon does have a few disadvantages to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

* Cost

While you can save some money by using Amazon, you will still be paying a lot of money in fees. This is why you may need to open your own store.

* Product

If you are looking to sell products that you do not own, you may have a problem. Amazon has a limited number of products that they allow you to sell. Secondly if they allow you then also it can be hard to get your products noticed on Amazon.

* Search

If you are looking for a new online business, it is probably a good idea to consider starting with Amazon. However, you may not want to be limited by Amazon’s search algorithm. You may find that it is harder to find your product.

* Shipping

Amazon does offer free shipping, but it will not cover all of your costs. You will have to pay for shipping on your own. In addition, Amazon will not cover the cost of lost or damaged items.

* Rules

You have to meet their standards, and they don't always make it easy to do that.

3. Why Owning Your Own E-commerce Store is a Great Idea ?

When you own your own e-commerce store, you have complete control over your business. There are no rules to follow. You can create your own brand and sell whatever you want. Here are a few things to consider:

* Inventory

You do not need to worry about inventory when you own your own store. You can sell your own products or other people's products.

* Branding

You can create your own brand and use your own logo. You can also use a unique theme for your store.

* Shipping

You can ship your products anywhere in the world. You can even ship them overnight.

* Control

You have complete control over your business. You can decide how much to charge for your products and what your shipping rates will be.

* Customer base

You have a large customer base. You can sell your products to people all over the world.

* Payments

You can accept payments from all over the world. You can accept credit cards, bank accounts, and PayPal.

* Business

You can do a lot of business with a single store. You can start small and grow your business as you go.

* Rules

You can set your own rules and make your own policies. You can even set your own shipping rates.

4. Best Platforms to Build Your Own E-commerce Store

The best platform to build your e-commerce store is Shopify. The platform is flexible and gives you the freedom to create a unique and beautiful website. Some of the other platform which you can user are .

* Shopify

* Bigcommerce

* 3dcart

* Magento

* WooCommerce

* Custom Ecommerce Platform .
We have our own custom ecommerce platform which contains web application and mobile application which can help our customer to grow there business efficiently . For business enquiry you can contact us on

5. Conclusion

The choice between Amazon and your own e-commerce store is not an easy one. It is important to consider all of the pros and cons before you make a decision. However, if you are looking to start an online business, you may want to consider using Amazon. It is a great way to get started and you will be able to build your customer base quickly. If you are looking to start your own store, you will need to make sure you have a solid plan in place.

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